History of Extreme

Longboard - Well Forgotten Old
Two years ago, few people heard about longboards in our country, but now strange long skateboards have begun to appear both in advertising and in online video, and the word…

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How does a kite fly?
Any kite, regardless of design, is a wing, not a parachute, as many people think. Therefore, it is generally accepted that any kite does not hang in the air, namely…

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Diving is extreme or not.
Diving - (from the English. Diving - diving) is a fairly voluminous term, including from usual diving with a mask, to an extreme variety - diving to a depth of…

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Pros and Cons of Extreme Sports

Extreme diverse sports today captivate many. Fans of extreme sports are not only young, but also older people. With the help of such sports, you can overcome your own fear and maintain excellent physical shape. We will consider the advantages of extreme sports, as well as their disadvantages and talk about interesting extreme sports, which, in our opinion, may interest many.

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Extreme benefits
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Hillside rules

Alpine skiing and snowboarding, like many other sports, are associated with risk. But hardly anyone coming out on a beautiful winter morning on the slope thinks that by the evening they may end up in a hospital bed. And what’s the most offensive, not my fault. On the slopes of Russia, unfortunately, cases such as “shot down and left”, collisions and injuries are not uncommon, and the higher the density of skiers and snowboarders, the more often all sorts of troubles occur.

So far, far from all skiers and snowboarders know and follow the rules of behavior on the slope, although this is not at all difficult. Is it difficult to be polite and attentive to what is happening around? After all, an extra look up Continue reading

Bike ride on the ice of Lake Baikal

Over 500 km on the ice of Lake Baikal in five days, five participants in the Listvyanka-Severobaikalsk bike ride overcame. It was held in March this year as part of the International Baikal Festival of Winter Games “Zimniada-2006”. With the exception of one newcomer, the other members of the team are participants in many complex cycling expeditions, such as Bratsk-Moscow, Bratsk-Harbin, Vladivostok-Bratsk.

The team traveled from 35 to 100 km per day, depending on the ice conditions. So, on the second day of the trip, the athletes entered the hummock zone. Cyclists covered the 30-kilometer stretch of the road all day. Meanwhile, it was because of the hummocks that the French traveler Michel Gilles interrupted his walking expedition along Lake Baikal. But neither large fragments of ice, nor one-and-a-half-meter ice hummocks, nor a Continue reading

Extreme Sports History

Extreme translated from English is something extraordinary, special and outstanding actions, sometimes associated with danger to health and life. The history of extreme sports, which today is not one, not two, or even a dozen, as well as the word “extreme” itself, has Western roots.

It was abroad in the first half of the XX century. originated, and from the mid 1950’s. BMX, rock climbing, parkour, skateboarding, caving, trial, snowboarding and others began to actively promote. The development of all kinds of extreme sports is an important component of the history of non-Olympic sports. Moreover, today extreme sports are among the twenty most popular and popular sports in the world.

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What is base jumping?

This is a sport for real extreme sportsmen – those who are not afraid to tickle their nerves. The media played an important role in its popularization. Thanks to media coverage and, of course, the worst video of such flights on YouTube, in just a few years, base jumping has turned from an alternative to parachuting into an independent discipline.

What do you need to know for those who want to try this terribly extreme activity? This will be discussed in the article.

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