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The most extreme sports in the world

Extreme is what tens of thousands of people cannot live without. Not surprisingly, every day there are more and more extreme sports. People are willing to take risks, just to get a dose of adrenaline. It is worth noting that such sports are considered extremely traumatic and not everyone can engage in them. This article will focus on the most extreme sports. In this list it will be possible to meet both completely new sports and well-known sports disciplines. We present you the TOP 5 most dangerous and extreme sports.

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Rating of the most dangerous sports
Further, we will focus specifically on sports disciplines that are very popular among people, with a high level of danger.

Base jumping

The essence of sports discipline is the implementation of parachute jumps from small heights.

This means that the athlete has a minimum of time to properly position himself in the air, open his parachute and choose a place to land.

The price of one second in flight is extremely high and can cost an athlete life.

Experts do not advise beginners to make independent jumps, if such an idea has arisen, then this should be done exclusively with a professional.

Although this is not the most popular sport, the level of injuries in it is quite high.


This sport involves the use of special boats for descent along steep mountain rivers, with a huge number of obstacles, turbulent rivers and huge waterfalls.

It is worth noting that this sport has recently begun to gain great popularity, but this does not negate the high danger factor.

Given the unpredictability of such natural phenomena, there is a huge risk of serious injury or even more serious consequences.


Although many do not include cycling among the most extreme sports, there are certain exceptions.

It is about overcoming mountain obstacles, such bike races are held in open areas, therefore, an athlete has to overcome a huge number of obstacles on his way, these can be serious descents, climbs, fallen trees, stones and the like.

Given the not-so-safe bicycle design, sometimes this can end in not-so-pleasant consequences.


One of the most dangerous sports in the world, which not all daredevils are ready to engage in.

In fact, all that is required of the athlete is to walk the rope, but the peculiarity is that the rope is stretched over a huge abyss.

In such a sports discipline, insurance is considered a prerequisite, although it cannot guarantee that no bodily harm will be sustained in the event of a fall.

Such a sport is very reminiscent of circus performances, where acrobats demonstrate their skills in front of a large audience.

Only in this case, the abyss and natural conditions make the rope not completely stretched, and there is a wind factor, past flying birds and other moments that can ruin the athlete’s plans.

Bungee jumping

The principle of sports discipline is very simple, and it comes down to jumping from great heights on an elastic cable.

Often, various towers, bridges, rocks and other possible structures are used for this.

Everything happens as follows, the athlete’s legs are attached to special equipment, after which the jumper can only take one step into the abyss and enjoy a few seconds of flight.

This is also not the most dangerous sport, according to statistics, much more accidents were recorded in the previously listed sports disciplines. It all depends on the quality of the devices that actually stop you during the fall.

The most dangerous and desperate jump was made by Australian jumper AJ Hackett. He was not afraid to step and jump from a television tower 233 meters high.

It is also worth noting situations where everything ended in a sad way. A similar situation occurred with the 22-year-old girl Erin Langworthy, who jumped over a huge waterfall, not even afraid of a 111-meter height. At the time of the jump, the rope broke, and the girl flew at full speed into the river, with crocodiles and other dangerous predators. Fortunately, the girl managed to survive, although she is unlikely to return to such jumps.

Jumping with a safety rope, like all other most extreme sports, is a risk and everyone who wants to take a jump should understand this.

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