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Danny Way – Crazy Extreme
short biography
Born April 15, 1974, Portland, Oregon.

There are such athletes who become legends and remain in this status forever. The golden era of skateboarding has come and continues right now – absolute champions appear and new world records are set. Danny Way could have stopped many years ago, but again and again news arrives about his impossible jumps. Today, the Trajectory blog has the story of a skateboarding legend.
Danny is 43 years old, his spine has been broken more than once, to count his concussions, there are not enough fingers of two hands, and there were more than sixteen serious operations. On each new impossible extreme stunt, he leaves a part of himself, but each time he recovers and comes up with a new one. They say that he has no fear, but, as he himself says, only fear prevents him from dying and makes him thoroughly calculate the tricks.

Danny Way’s father passed away when he was only eight months old. His mother is a drug addict, remarried. Stepfather instilled in his adopted son love and desire to ride a skateboard. At the age of six, Danny rode regularly at a local skate park, and won his first competition at age 11. Already in his young years, he played for various teams such as Bones Brigade, H-Street, Blind and Plan B. By the nature of the daredevil, he was a thrill-seeker and was traumatized for many years. From 1999 to 2002, he underwent seven operations – five on his knee and two on his shoulder. Even when trying to try his hand at surfing, as a result of an accident, he broke his neck, and it took him more than a year to recover.

At the age of 44, he broke his spine more than once; his fingers weren’t enough to count concussions. Many of Danny’s unusual stunts ended in the loss of a piece of health. This did not stop him. After recovery, he thinks of more risky combinations. Married. My wife’s name is Kari. They have three children, Raiden, Tavin and Rumi.

Achievements and interesting facts

1997, he makes a unique jump, from a helicopter landing on a skateboard in a ramp. The first in the world to do this is Danny. True, only the third attempt was successful.

2002 makes a jump of 20 meters and sets a world record. The same year, a takeoff of 7.2 meters above the ramp. A little later he proves to everyone that the impossible does not exist in the world, and beats his own achievements.

He owns a record flying through the air on a skateboard over the longest distance of 24.5 meters, and a speed record on a skateboard (120 km per hour). Danny, one of the few who won two years in a row the title of best skateboarder at the X Games (2005, 2006). He is the inventor of the Mega Springboard, which now provides the basis for large air races at X Games.

Among the other craziest achievements of Way:

flying from the top of a massive guitar at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas;
hit the Guinness Book of Records for the jump in the Kuyamaka Mountains over San Diego.

In the United States, they shot the documentary “Danny’s Way.” The film tells the life story of an extreme skateboarder. This is a portrait of the ability of one person to direct pain and anger from the terrible losses in his life into a passion leading him to heights that no one in this sport has reached.

Leap Danny

Records are not so excited Danny’s pride. He always dreamed of a trick that would go down in history and implemented it in 2005.
$ 5 million ramp, the most expensive skateboarding project ever. Months of preparation, a special quarter pipe for landing, hype and press coverage preceded a unique trick. Danny performed this most dangerous, but graceful in beauty and complexity trick in skateboarding, through the Great Wall of China.

This event was broadcast on Chinese television. Extreme with confidence, did not know whether a daring jump through the Great Wall would be successful or if he would die in front of 25 million viewers. Danny performed this trick. True, not without injury, an ankle fracture. On the wall is now his name, but the wall also left a mark in memory. This athlete, legend, a guy who grew up without a father and his mother a drug addict, pushes the boundaries of the possible and does not want to restrain his plans. Skateboarding created it, and he created skateboarding in the form that we know it now. At his age, many skateboarders end up with extreme sports, but he does not stop and continues to work on new super projects.

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