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Travis Pastrana. The most extreme person on the planet

Name: Travis Alan Pastrana
Age 33 years old
Hometown: Annapolis, USA
Sponsors: Subaru, Suzuki, Showa, Samsung, Alpinestars, Thor MX, Red Bull, Ogio, Smith Optics, DC Shoes, Activision, Kicker Car Audio, Ethika, Nixon and many others

One of the most extreme people on the planet, winner of many motocross, freestyle and rally racing competitions, 17-time winner of X Games and founder of Nitro Circus. He performs on Suzuki motorcycles. All his bikes and cars are marked with the number 199, which Travis considers happy for himself.

Travis Pastrana Motocross – Stone Forest

Travis Pastran Records
In 2009, Pastrana driving a Subaru Impreza STI jumped 82 meters from Pine Avenue Pier onto a floating barge, breaking the 51.1 meter record set by Ken Block.

At the X-GAMES competition in 2006, he was the first in the world to make Double backflip on a motorcycle. By the way, the first one who did just Backflip was Carey Hart at X-GAMES in 2000.

Pastrana and Puerto Rico
Travis’s father was Robert Pastrana, a nee Puerto Rican, which gave the right to a novice motorcycle racer to represent Puerto Rico at international competitions. On February 27, 2008, the Puerto Rico Motorcyclists Association granted him a license and permission to represent the island in competitions. Soon another organization joined the association – the Community of Motorcyclists of Latin America with the appropriate permission to represent all of Latin America.

Travis Pastrana and wife – Stone Forest

Travis Injury and Career
For all the time of Pastran’s motorcycle career, he didn’t win a prize only three times. These incredible results have a downside. The number of fractures at Travis exceeded 60. The first serious fall overtook Travis at age 14 and could be confined to a wheelchair, but he climbed out and continued to do crazy things.

According to Travis, he is engaged in this business in order to test his strength.

“Competitions! Challenge both yourself and your rivals. In my opinion, there are two types of competitions. The first is when you try to prove something impossible, to refute all these “you can’t” and “you won’t succeed”.
The second type of competition is collective, when you try to do something better than others. I like both kinds ”

Project Reactive Clowns
In 2009, the project “Jet Clowns”. At first it was a series, then a full-length film was released, and in 2012 Pastrana created a multi-part live show “Reactive Clowns. Live. ”

Pastrana is directly involved in all of these projects. He is a producer, screenwriter, and also an actor – performer of amazing stunts on everything that has wheels.

The project “Jet Clowns” (NitroCircus) has become one of the most successful and rated not only in America, but also far beyond its borders.

Travis Pastrana: “In my experience, the biggest things happen because there is a group of passionate people with common interests. Nitro Circus was just that. ”

Travis Pastrana, an American racer and FMX sports star, is fully committed to rally racing, but doesn’t forget about the tricks. In an interview with SE EXTREME, he talked about his New Year’s super show (jumping 82 meters by car) and why a real extreme should not be afraid of injuries.

– Travis, you have a successful career in FMX. Why did you decide to transfer from behind the wheel of a motorcycle to a race car?

– Honestly, I’m always interested in trying something new. In general, I have been driving for a long time – it was time to compare both the motorcycle and the car. Incidentally, in the race to find balance on four wheels is also quite difficult!

Racing on cars for me is a new challenge and a new opportunity to achieve my goals.

“On New Year’s Eve, you jumped 82 meters by car, landing on a floating barge in Long Beach.” How are such tricks born?

– Firstly, before me, no one made jumps to such a range (the previous record for jumping in a car was 51.1 meters. – Note “SE EXTREME”).

This event was an opportunity for me to take sport to a new level. If you can jump far on a motorcycle, why not do it by car?

And then, people always expect a lot from such events. And from time to time, such thoughts come to my mind: what can I do such a thing that would blow the audience’s head off?

– You are a successful competitive racer, TV presenter, take part in photo and video sessions. What is more interesting for you?

– Probably the most interesting thing for me is to take part in competitions! I love to chase! And I get the most pleasure from it. Every second counts, you have to overtake your opponent – and this is very interesting. Then, the opportunity to participate in competitions allows me to travel around the world, and to hide, I really like it.

– You have visited many countries of the world, and where do you most like to perform and ride?

– You may be surprised, but most of all I like to spend time at home, in California.

– Like many athletes in extreme sports

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