"Red Angels" Alpine Peaks
The town of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, at first glance, is no different from neighboring towns and villages. The same neat houses with a bright smear of indispensable geranium…

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DIY longboard deck
As a rule, people who are going to do a longboard with their own hands do mostly a deck, and they buy special wheels, suspensions and bushings from experienced manufacturers.…

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We shoot extreme. How to shoot a video?
It would seem that there is nothing complicated in shooting a video. It would seem much more important how the rider rides, how cleanly he does the tricks and how…

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Travis Rice is a guy born with a snowboard

Travis was born on October 9, 1982 in Wyoming. He grew up near the Jackson Hole Mountain ski resort, where his father worked as a rescue skier. Since childhood, Travis was drawn to skiing, but quickly fed up with them – the lesson seemed too simple. Still – after several days of training, he calmly rode along the most difficult routes of the resort.
Rice remembers how the idea of ​​snowboarding came up: “For the first time I saw snowboarders in Jackson Hole as a child. There were not many of them, but they soon built themselves several sites for tricks: halfpipe, quarter pipe and wall. I was probably about 6 years old then, but I remember that those sites seemed to me the coolest things in the entire resort.

In fact, they were not so big and grand, but for me then they seemed just gigantic. I constantly watched snowboarders ride, and once I even tried skiing on a halfpipe. After that, I realized that the only thing I want to lighten my life about is snowboarding. ”

And so it happened. Travis threw the skis away, climbing onto the snowboard. Later, he joined the local team, but did not compete until the age of 18 – he did not see the point.

In 2001, Rice spontaneously went to the Superpark tournament in California. And having performed several ultra-tricks there, he returned home as a rising star of the snowboard.

Travis is sure that that tournament changed his life: “When I made a 36-meter jump at Superpark 2001, it was a great achievement. I was nobody and immediately won a major tournament. After that I took a year off at school and everything went like clockwork. It was the cornerstone of my career. The shift of fate that led me on the right track. ”

Further on, Rice poured rewards of powerful tournaments, including two gold winter extreme games (X Games). In the early 2000s, Travis was recognized as the best young snowboarder in the world, and then simply the best in the world. But cool tricks and victories in competitions did not inspire Travis.

He wanted other victories – over himself and nature.

Overcome the fear of the mountains after talking with a clairvoyant
But Rice did not always strive for mountains and wildlife.

In a lifeguard family in a ski resort, it’s hard not to understand how dangerous the mountains are. Once Travis experienced all the power of wildlife on himself – in 2004 he fell under an avalanche. Rice boldly snow stream from the slope and almost completely fell asleep. He almost did not suffer, but after that incident he caught a phobic sensation that he could die at any moment.

Two years later, another event happened that changed the life of Travis – he met a clairvoyant.

“I would not call her a fortuneteller, this is the wrong word. But she actually had some powers associated with clairvoyance. And then she explained to me everything that happened that day when I fell under an avalanche.

Her words freed my mind. They revealed to me the fact that in our world there are a lot of things that cannot be seen through the eyes. And no, she didn’t tell me that “life is short, so enjoy it and take everything from it while you can.” This is not the point at all. But she gave me meaning, talked about the reasons for our existence. It was cool to realize that the world is much more than we think. ”

Rice realized that he no longer wanted to ride in snowboard parks or on ski slopes. He wanted more – to conquer places unknown to man. So began his career as a freerider, generally without tracks and equipped platforms for skiing. Only the slopes of the mountains and the pristine pillow of snow.

Starred in films and rode the volcanoes of Kamchatka
Travis began acting in films immediately after his first victory in 2001 – he was noticed by the producers of Absinthe Films. Rice appeared in the sports movie Supremacy (2002), where he performed stunts with other snowboarders, but real success came with the documentary The Art of Flight (2011), sponsored by Red Bull.

The tape was prepared for two years. During this time, Rice and his friends visited three countries and several mountain ranges – rolled down the slopes of the mountains of Patagonia (Chile), Aspen (Colorado), British Columbia (Canada) and Alaska.

The essence of the film is to show how Rice and company determine the facets of what is possible in mountain freeriding, explore heights, do new tricks at incredible heights and fight with nature. The film was well received by critics, and viewers gave it an average of 8.2 points on the main world cinema portal IMDB.

Immediately after the success of The Art of Flight, Rice began filming a new project, even more spectacular and grandiose.

Rice himself talked about the new film like this: “I collected everything that I learned in my life to take this picture. It will be an immersion in the snowy wildlife, where we will ride in places where no one has been before. ”

The film was called “The Fourth Phase” – in 2016, he repeated the success of his predecessor.

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"Red Angels" Alpine Peaks
The town of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, at first glance, is no different from neighboring towns and villages. The same neat houses with a bright smear of indispensable geranium…


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