History of surfing and windsurfing
It is believed that the first surfers were Polynesians. According to Polynesian legends, their ancestors practiced skating on the board long before the settlement of the Polynesian islands. The first…

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Travis Rice is a guy born with a snowboard
Travis was born on October 9, 1982 in Wyoming. He grew up near the Jackson Hole Mountain ski resort, where his father worked as a rescue skier. Since childhood, Travis…

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Classic Freestyle Disciplines
Ski acrobatics. The type of discipline speaks for itself: complex acrobatic stunts are performed on skis. For this purpose, a specially prepared profiled huge springboard is used, which is designed…

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Longboard – Well Forgotten Old

Two years ago, few people heard about longboards in our country, but now strange long skateboards have begun to appear both in advertising and in online video, and the word itself is increasingly coming across in the information space of outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports lovers. So what is a longboard and what does it eat with?

The first thing to say is that the longboard is not some new, recently invented materiel, and longboarding as one of the “asphalt” disciplines did not arise yesterday and the day before yesterday, but back in the sixties of the twentieth century, significantly earlier than skateboarding that has become familiar.

By and large, a longboard is a long skate. The length of a longboard deck can be 30 to 40 inches or more, and some boards can exceed two meters in length. However, a longboard in its driving characteristics is not a skate at all in any way, and a longboard ride is no less different from a skateboard than logic is different from logistics or static from statistics.

What caused this difference? Oddly enough, mostly in size, although not only. But the size in this case is of fundamental importance, and more precisely, the wheelbase is of importance. The fact is that the longer the wheelbase, the more stable and more predictably the board on wheels behaves, the less prone it is to jump out from under the legs forward, the more it forgives mistakes when maintaining equilibrium. And therefore, without a doubt, longboarding is not only at times, but much less traumatic for beginners, because in order to fall from the longboard you need to try hard. And learning to ride long is easier. At least it’s easier to start, the rest will be discussed below.

The second important characteristic of a longboard is the width of the suspension. The larger it is, the besides, the more stable the board. But not only. The wide suspension allows you to do very effective stunts on the longboard, which belong to the cross-step category, that is, walking on the board in motion, and also allows you to write a clear carving arc, which makes skiing on a longboard very similar in feel to a snowboard.

The third important characteristic is the features of the deck itself, its rigidity, shape (shape), the presence of transverse and longitudinal bends, as well as its length and the length of the marked wheelbase.

One way or another, riding a longue is easier than skateboarding. A lot. That is why they began to skate on it before, even before the invention of the trick called “allies”, to jumps and flips, as well as before the boards became short and acquired a characteristic bend of the nose and tail, the so-called kick-tail. On some longboards, kick-tail is also present, but you need it there for another.

After reading all this, the reader has the right to ask a question, why then do you need a longboard, what can you do on it if you don’t jump on it, do not flip and flip, and there is no use on the ramp from it?
Longboard – Well Forgotten Old
The answer is ridiculously simple. Longboarding is an opportunity to surf on the asphalt, in the absence of ocean waves and even the ocean itself. And it was the California surfers who came up with the longboard to ride when there are no waves. Because longboard riding is no different in dynamics and technique from ocean surfing.

By and large, California surfers did not even become wise. They just took a regular surfboard and attached it to the bottom of the wheel. And let’s go. And so the first pintails were born, that is, longboards of the classic surf form. Then they brought the suspension to mind, and the decks began to make more meaningful. But the essence remained pristine – surfing. But not on water, but on asphalt.

Much later, the allie trick, jumps and upheavals were invented. The boards were getting shorter, a new school arose, and the materiel itself was called a skateboard. But time passed, and the classics again declared itself. The fact is that a short skateboard is suitable only for jumping, and as a means of skating, it is of little use. Affect small wheels, stiffer suspension and inflexible deck. Riding on a skateboard in a straight line, and even on not very ideal asphalt, will bring little pleasure.

Another thing is a longboard. It is specifically designed specifically for riding, and not for trampling within the skatepark. On the long you can rush in a straight line, without any bias, overtaking not only pedestrians, but also cyclists. On a longboard, you can carve by writing clear arcs, getting no less fun than from a snowboard, only, unlike a snowboard, you don’t need mountains and a lift to ride on a longboard.

On the longboard you can drive slalom, you can make dizzying slopes downhill (down hill), accelerating over a hundred kilometers per hour. On the longboard, you can do manuals (put on the front or rear wheels), do spectacular cross-steps and generally amaze the imagination of others.

But the main thing is that longboard riding is a real asphalt surfing with all its inherent dynamics of a real dizzying flight.

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