Building (Eng. Buildering) - a kind of extreme sports, in which participants climb the outside of buildings and other urban structures. The word “building” is a language contamination, a hybrid…

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Travis Rice is a guy born with a snowboard
Travis was born on October 9, 1982 in Wyoming. He grew up near the Jackson Hole Mountain ski resort, where his father worked as a rescue skier. Since childhood, Travis…

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Extreme Sports History
Extreme translated from English is something extraordinary, special and outstanding actions, sometimes associated with danger to health and life. The history of extreme sports, which today is not one, not…

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“A clever man will not go uphill – a clever mountain will go around” – the proverb is not about climbers. These guys just climb the peaks in order to emphasize their enviable qualities. Climbers became as romantic heroes as astronauts or pilots with submariners. The sporting essence of mountaineering is to overcome obstacles – altitude, terrain, weather – on the way to the top. Of course, in the mountains no one climbs the race, but there are daredevils who want to be higher and faster.

Mountain climbing
There are several varieties of mountaineering. The first is rock climbing. Climbing usually takes place where there is no snow and ice. The heights are small, there is no oxygen starvation. You can not take a lot of warm clothes with you and go in light rocky shoes.

Rocky-ice – these are combined ascents, during which you need to be able to move around rocks, snow and ice. There are overnight stays in such routes, the pace of movement is low due to the large amount of equipment plus when climbing 5 or more thousand meters, the body begins to adapt to new conditions. Who could not – gets a mountain sickness.

High-altitude mountaineering is the conquest of peaks from 6500 meters above sea level. These species are few, only professionals. At an altitude of 8 kilometers – the so-called death zone – it is impossible to be long without oxygen equipment.

Big Wall is an American term for the passage of large walls with a length of a kilometer or more. These ascents have rather difficult routes.

Separately, climbers can engage in ice climbing – these are competitions, the essence of which is to overcome the ice walls. Who is faster – he won. The International Mountaineering Federation will not succeed in ensuring that ice climbing is included in the Olympic program.
Climbing Elbrus
Mountain climbing features
The climber must be hardy, independent, peace-loving, stress-resistant and ready to help. During the ascent, a person overcomes both external and internal obstacles. In general, Vysotsky was right when he said about a friend: “Take a guy to the mountains of the mountains — take a chance, in conjunction with you, you will understand who he is.”

Climbing equipment is diverse, because along the way you have to overcome rocks, rivers, glaciers. Depending on this, ice axes, “cats”, ladders, rope handrails and much more are selected.

Alone or with a group – what is the best way to go to the mountains? The answer depends on the degree of skill. If you are going for the first time, then, of course, only with the group. If the height is small, then one instructor is enough.

Experienced climbers can already choose. Single and collective climbs have pros and cons. For example, a company is more fun, safer, easier and cheaper. But there may be problems with psychological compatibility, with transport and a place to sleep – not every place on the mountain can be suitable for a company of 6-8 people.

Club “Seven Peaks”
This is an association of climbers who have conquered the highest peaks of seven continents. This includes Everest, Aconcagua, McKinley, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson Peak, Carstens Pyramid and Kosciuszko Peak.

The idea of ​​conquering these peaks arose in 1981, and since then, professionals have been trying to assemble the climbing “Grand Slam”. True, at some point, disagreement arose over what to consider Australia’s highest point. If you take into account both her and Oceania, it turns out that this is the pyramid of Carstens.

They decided this: let there be two programs – with the peak Kosciuszko and with the pyramid of Karstens. The main option of the program was the second.
On Foros
Mountain climbing in Russia
On the territory of our country there are several famous mountains like Elbrus and Kazbek, where climbers from all over the world are striving for. Here are popular routes that will suit both professionals and people with little climbing experience.

Its peaks are located on the border of Karachay-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria. There is not a single mountain above Elbrus in Russia. They have been conquering it since the beginning of the 19th century. Today, the Elbrus region is one of the major centers of skiing and tourism. Climbers, skiers, snowboarders, and sled enthusiasts come here.

Elbrus is surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the Caucasus: Ushba, Donguz-Orun and Nakra Tau.

Kazbek is the five-thousandth of the Caucasus, located on the border with Georgia. Here at an altitude of more than 4 thousand meters stands the ancient cave monastery complex of Betlemi. Nearby is the old building of the weather station, which serves as a haven for climbers.

Kazbek attracts tourists with its magnificent impregnability and beautiful nature. On the territory adjacent to the mountain stands the Trinity Church. Nearby – in the village of Stepantsminda – the cross of St. Nino, the enlightener of Georgia, was kept.

The highest peak of the Sikhote-Alin mountain system, located in the Amur region, is called Tordoki-Yani. It is located in the Khabarovsk Territory and rises to 2090 meters above sea level. Vanishing caravan glaciers left caravan niches on the northern slopes of the mountain massif.

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