Extreme Sports History
Extreme translated from English is something extraordinary, special and outstanding actions, sometimes associated with danger to health and life. The history of extreme sports, which today is not one, not…

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The most extreme sports in the world
Extreme is what tens of thousands of people cannot live without. Not surprisingly, every day there are more and more extreme sports. People are willing to take risks, just to…

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Base jumping. The most dangerous kind of extreme
Base jumping - jumping from high-altitude objects of artificial or natural origin using a special parachute (English B.A.S.E jumping). Base jumpers are people doing this kind of extreme jumping. The…

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Alpine skiing is sparkling snow, dazzling sun and picturesque peaks, wind whistling in the ears and entertainment apre ski. Russian and world skiing: from France and Italy to Argentina and Japan – all about resorts, slopes and ski passes.
Why do people put themselves to the test of skiing? Instead of lying on the beach, rocking in a bar or splashing around in the sea, the skier goes to the mountains (usually quite far from home), climbs the slope all day and rolls down, climb the slope and rolls down (and pays money for it ) And for some reason he enjoys it, incomprehensible to the rest of mortals.

Those who have never stood skiing usually give several reasons why skiing is an expensive and dangerous undertaking. Or it may not be dangerous, but it is not his. And in general, if he was younger, he might have tried, but the years are not the same. Let’s deal with the most popular objections.

Ski instructors have a joke: “You can start skiing when a person is on his feet, and finish when he can no longer stand on his feet.”

Is skiing dangerous?
If you watch skiing competitions on TV, it becomes scary for these brave daredevils. Even super-pros fall and break their limbs, let alone ordinary mortals. In fact, we see the tip of the iceberg as always – millions are rolling, thousands are falling, hundreds are seriously injured. In general, skiing is not more dangerous than a bicycle, sledding or swimming in the nearest body of water.

The main condition for safe skiing: to learn, follow the rules and not scam. You will not drive a car without knowing how to drive – you will go to the instructor. In skiing – all the same. Only the learning process is much faster. You quickly learn to use equipment, practice a rack with an instructor and the first time you go down the mountain. First you will ride on trails for beginners. If you like it, you will improve the technique, gain experience and move on to more difficult tracks.

Is skiing accessible only to real athletes?
When you look at the skiers headlong flying from the mountain, it seems that in addition to unprecedented courage, skiers should be indestructible in health, follow a diet, go to bed early and get up early, do not allow yourself any joys of life, but only train and train. What to do to a person who spends all day at the computer, and evenings in front of the TV, likes to eat well, drink wine (or something stronger) and smoke a cigarette?

Paradoxically, it’s a fact – it’s much easier for an untrained person to learn how to ski than a person with a sporting past. Alpine skiing is different from all other sports – everything that an athlete who comes to skiing from other sports knows that worked out before automaticity (for example, the ability to maintain balance) conflicts with the technique of skiing. But the beginner has no such problems.

Although, of course, it would be very useful to slightly strengthen the muscles of the legs and do stretching exercises before going to the ski resort.

Isn’t it too late for me to start?
Ski instructors have a joke: “You can start skiing when a person is on his feet, and finish when he can no longer stand on his feet.” Adults are more responsible, disciplined and focused on results. Therefore, their training is faster. Of course, safety precautions must be observed. For example, hypertensive patients and cores are better off sticking to tracks at a height of no more than two kilometers above sea level.

Alpine skiing is incredibly expensive. Or not?
An uninitiated ski vacation may seem prohibitively expensive. If you sit down and calculate how much the trip, ski pass, equipment rental and other amenities of skiing will cost, then for many the amount received will be excessive.

However, in a ski vacation, as in any other, there are tricks and subtleties. If you wish, you can save on just about everything:

it’s not necessary to go to the mountains for the first time in the “high season” – prices in early December and April are much lower;
you can buy plane tickets with discounts or “transfers” (and it is better to buy them in advance);
for living you can stay not in a hotel, but in a guesthouse or apartment (you can move into a large company in the apartment and cook your own meals);
it is not necessary to buy ski equipment all at once before the trip (in the spring at a discount it will cost half as much), you can rent it;
lifts will cost you much cheaper if you buy a weekly subscription.

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