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The most extreme sports in the world
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Sport is a way to overcome oneself, reach the limit of physical capabilities and step over them. Ivan Savkin repeatedly demonstrated this in practice, defeating his own records. His achievements are included not only in the history of Russian sports, but also in the Guinness Book of Records.

Ivan Sergeevich Savkin was born on the first day of 1985 in the capital of Russia. The boy’s family often moved. At the age of seven, Ivan began to live in Yalta, then Crimea became his home.

At the beginning of the new millennium, a dramatic change in scenery – moving to Vladivostok. It is there that a 15-year-old teenager discovers powerlifting. Ivan trains hard and hard and after 2 years receives silver in the open championship of the Far Eastern city.

In 2010, Ivan Savkin won the all-around competition, performing the exercise “Walking the Farmer.” The athlete’s task is to take a sports equipment in each hand and start moving in small steps, gradually increasing speed. A career in powerlifting was developing rapidly, but a real vocation awaited in another, more extreme sport – towing multi-ton transport.

Love pushed to Ivan’s first achievement: deciding to hit his future wife, the strongman on a date moves the bus. That was in 2011. All-Russian fame came a little later: in 2014, the athlete set an unofficial record by moving two buses in the hitch (32 tons).
The shoulders of the strongman tested the weight of truck tractors, timber trucks, dump trucks, buses, planes, electric trains from 4-7 cars. Military equipment also succumbed to his muscles: tanks, missile system, military vehicles, armored personnel carriers. Towed rail transport. In 2017, the railway workers of the Smolyaninovo village were able to evaluate the movement of an electric locomotive weighing 288 tons. In 2018, Ivan towed a train with 7 loaded wagons (600 tons).
The athlete does not miss the opportunity to set records by moving floating equipment. The first in this group was the Eastern Bosphorus (1150 tons). In 2015, Savkin towed a ferry at 10 meters. In 2017, the Ozersk transport refrigerator (4200 tons per 2.5 m) and the Aurora dry cargo ship (5000 tons per 3 m). 2018 brought a new achievement. The ship weighing 10,500 tons was moved by Ivan by 2 m. In 2019, the container ship Veniamin Khlopin (12.4 thousand tons) was towed.

Savkin is the first athlete to tow agricultural machinery. In May 2019, an 18-ton tractor succumbed to it, and in June – a combine (12.8 tons).
The first inclusion of an athlete in the Guinness Book of Records occurred on 02/10/2015. Then Ivan moved a locomotive weighing 126 tons by 2 meters. It was possible to get a second certificate as early as next month – the strongman took on the role of a locomotive of 9 cars and moved 365 tons by 50 cm. A new world record was set on December 15. Cement was loaded into 6 cars, which Ivan dragged 1.6 meters. In this case, the weight taken was equal to 512 tons. After “Benjamin Khlopin” negotiations are underway on the third inclusion of a strongman in the Guinness Book of Records.
Of course, Ivan Sergeyevich impresses with his strength. Powerlifter is a legend, a master of sports in a power exercise, a bench press, a heavyweight tractor. But the expression “Power is – no mind” is definitely not about him. Ivan has the first rank in chess and team games (football, basketball), the second youth in the game of bast shoes.

Ivan Savkin does not refuse to contribute to the celebration of various celebrations. A rare city day dispenses with its spectacular performance. May holidays, including Victory Day, September 1, Defender of the Fatherland Day and many other significant dates are also accompanied by a demonstration of the athlete’s capabilities.

Savkin promotes a healthy lifestyle, communicates with children a lot and willingly. In 2014, he spoke to the pupils of the 2nd orphanage (moved a 13-ton ZIL truck), in 2016 – at the Ocean Center in Vladivostok (towed a road train weighing 38 tons). A frequent guest of schools and gymnasiums, universities and secondary special institutions, children’s sports events.

Ivan Sergeevich is open for communication. Leads pages on social networks Instagram, Classmates and Vkontakte. Married, has a daughter. Tirelessly preparing for new records. Plans for spring 2020 include towing a watercraft.

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