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Winter wakeboarding

It would seem that wakeboarding is, in general, summer entertainment. Well, at least from the subjective point of view of a resident of the temperate zone of the Earth, to which Russia belongs. We have a clear and distinct change of seasons. Summer, winter: And we are already used to waiting for summer to chase a boat or a winch on our favorite board. After all, it seems impossible to ride a wakeboard in winter when the ice is around. But you want to. Yes, and the form must be maintained, it is relevant in the winter.

But do not think that such a bright change of seasons occurs everywhere. There are a lot of very attractive places on our planet where they have never heard of snow and frost, but not only have they heard about wakeboarding, but they are also ready to provide everything necessary for lovers of this type of outdoor activity.

And it’s not about some countries beyond the purse, where not everyone can afford to go, but about wake spots, which will cost you less than a week to spend on the Black Sea coast of Russia or in the Crimea.

In this article, we will consider only the most budgetary foreign spots for wakeboarding. Dear and chic to find without us is not a problem. Also, we will not ignore the opportunity to do wakeboarding in the winter, without leaving Russia. You think it won’t work out? How it goes!

You should start with just this option. What should I do if winter has begun, I want to ride a wakeboard, but I don’t like to climb into the lake even in a wetsuit somehow? And there is neither time nor money for a trip abroad. What, throw the idea of ​​riding a wake out of my head? No matter how!
Winter wakeboarding
For winter skiing on a wakeboard there are indoor pools, some of which are equipped with a special winch for wakeboarding. And some even have jumps and jibbing pieces. And it just seems that the pool for the wake is most likely small. Well, if you’re used to riding a boat, and from a single word “winch” you get nauseous, then of course. Then sit at home and watch the snow blowing the road. But those wakers who are deprived of prejudice should try to ride a wakeboard in the winter in an indoor pool with a winch.

In St. Petersburg, there are two whole wakeboard pools in winter. One, the most popular and advanced is the SKA pool. It is located at the Vyborgskaya metro station, and works in the evenings every day. An hour of riding a wake they cost 1,500 rubles, which is the price is quite humane.

The second pool with a winch is the Navy pool on Vasilyevsky Island. Like everything related to the Navy and wakeboarding, the pool is problematic. It works only on weekends, the cost must be found out each time by phone, they do not have jumps and other bells and whistles. But if you go closer there, you can love him too.

Despite the fact that Moscow, it seems, is the capital, and in the summer there are many more wakeboard spots there than in St. Petersburg, in winter the opposite is true. Of the really working pools with a winch in Moscow, only one was found – in the basin of the Institute of Physical Education at the metro station Cherkizovskaya. Perhaps there is still somewhere, but it is too secret. But alone, it’s still more than nothing. And this proves that you can ride a wakeboard in winter without even leaving the bounds of our vast Motherland.

But what is beyond these limits? Of the foreign spots, if we take the most budget ones, the Egyptians are the most suitable for the optimal balance between price and quality. One of the best stations where you can go wakeboarding all year round is the Stefan station in Hurghada called SURF ZONE. Stefan himself somehow speaks Russian, but his wife, Natasha, is Russian, and there will be no problems with the language barrier. In addition to wakeboarding, Stefan provides many other services related to outdoor activities. Their site is in Russian.
Winter wakeboarding at Stephen’s.

Stations run by Arabs will be worse, because it’s not in their national habits to keep equipment in order, think about safety, and so on. And they are not cheaper than Stefan. Although the word “cheaper” in relation to Egypt, it comes across a banal “much cheaper.” Indeed, a week in Hurghada, including flight, all-inclusive, and a four-star hotel, along with tickets, cost 13 thousand rubles for a flight from Moscow. This is despite the fact that in the Crimea, and by train, with a reserved seat, round-trip tickets will cost 6 thousand rubles per person. Coupe – 12 thousand. So you also have to pay for room and board! So Hurghada will cost much cheaper than the nosed, at the end impoverished Crimea. It will be superfluous to say that in December you won’t ride a wakeboard in Crimea. And in Egypt – easily.

If you do not think about saving, then you need to go to Goa. Tickets there will be much more expensive than in Egypt, but the infrastructure is more developed and less wild.

Some good spots for wakeboarding are in Spain, but although it is warm there, they are unsuitable for winter wakeboarding.

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