Ski resorts
Alpine skiing and snowboarding are those types of outdoor activities and extreme entertainment that, if possible without special infrastructure, they certainly are not comfortable without it. And since skiing has…

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Alpine skiing is sparkling snow, dazzling sun and picturesque peaks, wind whistling in the ears and entertainment apre ski. Russian and world skiing: from France and Italy to Argentina and…

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The most extreme sports in the world
Extreme is what tens of thousands of people cannot live without. Not surprisingly, every day there are more and more extreme sports. People are willing to take risks, just to…

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Extreme sports – sports, usually associated with a danger to life.
The aim of the work is to consider extreme sports from two points of view, both from a positive influence and from a negative one.

Extreme sport is the limit of human capabilities, it is a desire to resist the elements, to experience the thrill, to overcome fear. The history of extreme sports, of which today there are over a hundred, as well as the word “extreme” itself, has Western roots. This sport was born abroad in the first half of the 20th century, and since the mid-1950s. began to actively advance in other countries of the world. Moreover, today extreme sports are among the twenty most popular and popular sports in the world. Although the history of extreme sports is still very “young”, it is rich and diverse. Moreover, every year more and more types of “extreme” appear, new equipment and sports equipment are developed. Such a rapid development of X-sports is an opportunity for self-realization and the most acute experience of life. Extreme sports are those sports that are most dangerous for the lives of athletes. They are characterized by a huge number of acrobatic elements, a high speed (height, depth, etc.), as well as a high level of adrenaline, which is released from extreme people during the next trick. The most dangerous types of such sports include:

Base jumping is one of the most dangerous sports, jumps are made from low altitudes and athletes have too little time to properly open a parachute, the price of any mistake can cost a life.

Cave diving – diving in caves can be extremely dangerous (pitch darkness when diving, difficulty climbing up).

Diving – scuba diving with special equipment.

Heliskiing – jumping from a helicopter and riding on pristine mountain slopes (the danger lies in the likelihood of an avalanche).

Rafting is a rafting on mountain rivers with an abundance of rapid rapids, rifts and waterfalls.

Climbing is one of the most beautiful sports and no less dangerous.

Rodeo – the most dangerous and spectacular kind of rodeo – a jump on an angry bull.

Streetlating – downhill skiing on boards along highways (the danger is the lack of brakes).

Surfing is riding on waves on special boards (the higher the wave, the more unpredictable the outcome of a person’s battle with the ocean).

Parkour. Parkour is often called the art of moving and overcoming various obstacles. Moreover, the word “art” is absolutely appropriate here. Parkour can hardly be considered a sport, because there is no element of competition. The meaning of this lesson is to navigate an obstacle course not previously agreed upon. It can be stairs and walls, pillars and other elements of urban architecture.

Snowboarding literally means “riding on a board in the snow.” Today this extreme sport has become the most popular and one of the most spectacular.

Extreme is an honest conversation with oneself, an opportunity to look into the very depths of oneself, overcome internal limitations, the courage to do what you have never done before, the chance to become different. The value of extreme for a person is to go beyond the usual restrictions, to expand their capabilities, to do what was not available before. Extreme sports can serve as a means of self-realization for an athlete, a means of proving to others their strength of will, firm character, and self-affirmation in society. For some people, the reason for extreme sports is to get extreme thrills, balancing on the verge of life and death; for others, it is an opportunity to constantly maintain a heightened sense of life. In some cases, extreme sports are a manifestation of auto-aggression – an activity aimed at causing harm to oneself. This phenomenon occurs due to mental disorders. Extreme sports can also be evidence of hidden suicidal behavior, such behavior is mainly designed for risk (but this is not a categorical assessment for extreme sportsmen, this is only one point of view that needs attention for a comprehensive study of this phenomenon).

Extreme sports – sports, as a rule, associated with a danger to life, causing a person, as they are called, extreme, incomparable emotions of vitality, feeling almighty, omnipotent, etc.

The “pluses” in extreme sports include: the ability to overcome fear of phobias (claustrophobia, acrophobia, hydrophobia, etc.), adding self-confidence, a peculiar way to attract attention from the opposite sex. Extreme sports require a good physical shape, which means that your body will be strong and trained. Classes in such sports cause accelerated heart function and increased respiratory activity, which trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The “minuses” of X-sports include: risk to life and health, excessive stress on all body systems.

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The most extreme sports in the world
Extreme is what tens of thousands of people cannot live without. Not surprisingly, every day there are more and more extreme sports. People are willing to take risks, just to…