DIY longboard deck
As a rule, people who are going to do a longboard with their own hands do mostly a deck, and they buy special wheels, suspensions and bushings from experienced manufacturers.…

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Longboard - Well Forgotten Old
Two years ago, few people heard about longboards in our country, but now strange long skateboards have begun to appear both in advertising and in online video, and the word…

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Tips for beginner wakeboarders. Technique of getting out of the water
Starting to ride a wakeboard, you may encounter a number of difficulties that will seem insurmountable or surmountable after a series of trainings. However, training has nothing to do with…

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Top 8: most extreme sports

1. Volcano boarding

Snowboards are yesterday! We present to your attention a new sport – volcano riding. Volcano boarding is insane as much as it seems at first glance. The only place in the world where you can ride on the slope of an active volcano is Nicaragua, Leon department. It is here that the active volcano Cerro Negro is located. Anyone can rush down from a height of 725 meters on a special wooden board at a speed of up to 80 km / h, knowing that the volcano is still active, and its last eruption occurred just over 10 years ago. This is a really powerful adrenaline rush! It will take as long as 45 minutes to climb to the top of Cerro Negro, and God forbid to go down not only with the breeze, but also in its entirety, because the slope by the mountain is really steep: 41 degrees.

2. Train surfing

This type of activity is absolutely illegal. But this article is not about laws, but about extreme extremes, so we will tell you about train surfing. Its essence lies in riding on the roof or on the bandwagon of trains moving at full speed. You have probably seen quite a few shots with similar “passengers” made in Africa or India. Currently launched an extensive campaign against this type of extreme. Its main danger is that the “passengers” can fly off the train at full speed or cripple while traveling on a suspended contact line or at the entrance to the tunnel. Although extreme is extreme, and it is unlikely that such difficulties can frighten truly desperate people.

3. Human catapult

Airkick (R) is another extreme sport that is also called the “human catapult” (I think this name puts everything in its place). A special throwing device throws the extreme up along a previously calculated path using air pressure and water return technology. Extreme presses a button to raise himself into the air by 8 meters, and at high speed flies into a pool of water. At the same time, it is very important to enter the water correctly: if you fall flat on your stomach, you can get serious damage! This lesson is clearly for those who are already a small prefabricated pool for giving.

4. Jeep driving through the dunes

Just imagine the most steep and high sand dunes that you simply cannot climb, and then imagine that you overcome these heights with an all-wheel drive car and at the same time you are overcome by the fear of falling – this is an indescribable feeling of extreme desert jeep tours. This kind of extreme is popular in the United Arab Emirates, and this is not surprising, because local cars are adapted for this best. If you decide on such a trip, do not forget to bring a video camera with you: there will be something to show your friends, otherwise they won’t take your word for it!

5. Base Jumping

Those who have a craving to jump from a very high building … clearly need the help of specialists! But for those extreme people who are already tired of banal parachute jumps, base jumping will help in search of thrills. It differs from ordinary parachuting in that base jumpers parachute from fixed objects, as in paragliding. There are four types of fixed objects for base jumping: buildings, antennas, bridge spans and cliffs. The danger is that there is very little time for the parachute to open, so you need to pull the ring at the very beginning of the jump, otherwise the consequences can be dire.

6. Speed ​​riding

Speed ​​riding is an amazing mix of paragliding and skiing. Speed ​​riders use a special type of parachute and ski to quickly go down the hill and at the same time gain speed. This kind of extreme sports is very dangerous and involves such high speeds that it has already been banned on some ski slopes. Thanks to the use of a parachute, the sliding speed is incredibly increased: it is impossible to accelerate so much just by skiing.

7. Slacking

This extreme sport requires strong but not very tight ropes. If the rope is not stretched tightly, then if necessary it can be stretched like an elastic band. But it is easier to move the rope with a taut string, which allows you to perform some tricks! By the way, they are very dangerous. The record for height in slacking belongs to Christian Shu, who walked along a tightrope over a gorge at a height of one kilometer, which equals the height of three Eiffel towers.

8. The race with the bulls

A bull race is an ideal way to get a truly colossal dose of adrenaline. Not everyone can run on their own free will in front of an angry animal that weighs a ton. Nevertheless, every July, crowds of people gather in the Spanish city of Pamplona to participate in the race with the bulls, which are then used for bullfighting. The only criterion that a participant must meet is age over 18.

Travis Pastrana. The most extreme person on the planet
Name: Travis Alan Pastrana Age 33 years old Hometown: Annapolis, USA Sponsors: Subaru, Suzuki, Showa, Samsung, Alpinestars, Thor MX, Red Bull, Ogio, Smith Optics, DC Shoes, Activision, Kicker Car Audio,…


Travis Pastrana. The most extreme person on the planet
Name: Travis Alan Pastrana Age 33 years old Hometown: Annapolis, USA Sponsors: Subaru, Suzuki, Showa, Samsung, Alpinestars, Thor MX, Red Bull, Ogio, Smith Optics, DC Shoes, Activision, Kicker Car Audio,…


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